The cost of your battery isn’t just the initial cost of your battery. Depending on the battery you choose to buy it can include maintenance costs, cable replacement costs, costs to repair damage to your equipment and unfortunately premature battery replacement costs. Let us explain.

Maintenance Costs

Wet batteries often have a lower price tag which is enticing; it’s the hidden costs that will surprise you. Wet batteries require regular maintenance. They need to be watered every 2-4 weeks depending on usage. Each cell needs water so if you have a 48 Volt system you will have 24 cells to water. If you have an entire fleet of vehicles, the maintenance can be very time consuming. For example for a fleet of 50 golf cars you would have to water 1200 cells. Not only do you have a big job to do, but you have to do it perfectly. Even one incident of over- or under-watering your wet battery can significantly reduce its capacity and life.

Cable Replacement and Damage Repair Costs

Wet batteries release acid mist onto the top of the batteries and the environment. This acid residue not only corrodes the battery terminals, which can lead to loose connections and ultimately terminal melting, but can also corrode the battery compartment, vehicle chassis and even the floor. Without regularly cleaning the connections and the battery compartment, the cables will eventually need replacing and there may be very high damage repair costs. If you do a great job cleaning, you can save on cable replacements and damage repair costs but of course you have increased that unavoidable maintenance cost. It seems that no matter how you approach this issue, owning wet batteries is a costly investment.

Battery Replacement Costs

Unless wet batteries are maintained perfectly, they will fail prematurely and need replacing long before a Fullriver AGM battery.

Other Sealed Batteries

Well they just aren’t made the same, so they will definitely need replacing long before a Fullriver AGM battery. At Fullriver we use the highest quality materials and adhere to the highest quality production standards to ensure every battery performs to its specification. Fullriver batteries are designed and manufactured to outlast the competition.