1) First we need to determine what type of battery you need.

To choose the right battery we need to identify your application to determine whether you need a deep cycle battery, starting battery or dual-purpose battery (both starting and cycling).

Deep cycle batteries are used to power electrical equipment such as electric golf cars, utility vehicles, floor cleaning machines, scissor lifts, boats, RVs, solar power backup and many more. For these applications you have two options, either a DC or HGL series Fullriver battery. The DC series will provide power for all cycling applications and the HGL for light to moderate cycling.

Starting batteries are used to start engines in all types of vehicles such as automobiles, emergency response vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, boats, RVs and many more. Dual-purpose batteries are used to start engines in all types of vehicle as well as power a range of accessories within the vehicle. For starting or dual-purpose applications your best solution is an HC series Fullriver battery.

2) Define your battery performance needs.

Now you must decide which batteries to use and how many to provide the system voltage and energy you need to power your equipment. Keep in mind that the size of your battery compartment may limit your options.

System Voltage
There may be more than one option to meet your voltage requirements. For example, for a 12 Volt system you may use one 12 Volt battery or two 6 Volt batteries wired in series to make up the 12 Volts. You may use as many batteries as you need to make up the system voltage. See the Series Connection diagram below.

Energy Requirements
There may be more than one option to meet your energy requirements. For example, to meet the requirements for a 210 Amp-Hour system you may use one 210 Amp-Hour battery or two 105 Amp-Hour batteries wired in parallel to make up the 210 Amp-Hours. It is advised not to exceed 4 parallel strings in your battery system. See the Parallel Connection diagram below.

You may also wire batteries in both series and parallel to attain the desired system voltage and energy requirements. See the Series/Parallel Connection diagram below. Always use the exact same battery model within a battery pack. Do not mix batteries of different capacities.

3) Order your Fullriver Battery Now!

Now that you have defined your battery needs refer to your Fullriver Brochure to select the model that meets those specifications. Call your local Fullriver Battery Distributor and they would be happy to assist you in the final selection of your new Fullriver batteries.